Reimagine and reengineer business processes to accelerate the development cycle and make your digital investments future-ready.

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Erase tech debt that is holding back new business possibilities

The keep to success in today’s digital-first world is to transform legacy culture, tools, processes, and digital portfolios and focus on building agility and resilience.

It has been a while since digital applications became prevalent in business operations. Since then, they have evolved through organizational changes, new business processes, architectural patterns, programming languages, and emerging technologies. The result is complex, inflexible, incompatible systems and information silos. We can help you modernize your legacy apps that deliver seamless intercommunication, reduced complexity, and total cost of ownership
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Legacy Modernization

We improve your application’s performance to augment its value to the business and support the shift towards cloud, DevOps, and decentralized architecture.

Our modernization specialists analyze your application’s functionalities, technical health, targeted architecture and provide you with a detailed rationalization report for modernization. Our experience in performing zero-downtime migrations ensures that the optimal modernization approach is taken with no significant impact on your business operations.
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Our methodology

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Our Modernization Services

Application Reengineering

Re-engineering applications to support contemporary user-centric features, evolving line-of-business requirements, and agile infrastructure creates the highest value. We help you redesign the application components, add features, extend functionalities, facilitate consolidation, and integration. Our modernization experts with modular enterprise architecture knowledge let you upgrade and stay competitive.

Application Refactorization

Refactorization streamlines the application source code without changing its functions and intended behavior to improve its performance, reliability, security, and compatibility. Our agile teams help you remove code complexity, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the internal structure of your legacy applications. We also upgrade the apps to newer versions to extend support and usability.

Cloud Replatforming

Cloud Replatforming removes CapEx, lowers OpEx, and enables dynamic on-demand scaling to match your users’ peak loads. We can upgrade your application from its existing platform to target the cloud while preserving its functionalities. Our cloud migration experts apply twelve-factor app principles to your application to make it more cloud-resilient and ultimately reach a cloud-native state.

Monolithic to Microservices

Monolithic applications are built with traditional infrastructure and software architecture for decades and saddle organizations with a solution portfolio that cannot respond to business demands for digitization. We can help you incrementally extract modules out of the monolith and convert them into loosely-coupled independently consumable services.

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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
Shift from Traditional EDI to FHIR-based APIs for Medicare Payer

Created cloud-based architecture in a HIPAA-compliant environment to host member enrollmen...

  • 100% secure HIPAA compliant server utilization
  • 30% reduction in fixed server costs
  • 100+ reports generated on Tableau
  • Significantly more efficient data request and transfer mechanism
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Case Study
Re-architected Analytics Platform for Cloud for a Media Company

The existing analytics platform was built on an on-prem MapR Hadoop distribution system th...

  • 5x Improvement in Data Loading & Processing
  • 70% cost saving by eliminating CAPEX
  • 24*7 Monitoring & Logs on Cluster Issues
  • Hours to minutes reduction in cluster scalability
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Cloud-Replatforming for Businesses

Migrating to cloud is a must-do for every organization these days for the variety of benefits it brings such as scalability, strong computational capacity, flexibility, better server maintenance, and much more. Read on to learn more.

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Conquering 202x through Modern Application Development

“Modern” applications shake the cobweb off of traditional apps with limited capabilities that work in silos. Modern Apps unhinge themselves from the finiteness of legacy apps and aim to serve businesses beyond their current ambitions. Read on to learn more.

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