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Meet and exceed rapidly changing customer needs and expectations, streamline business processes, and amplify productivity through strategically designed digital solutions.

The Rise of the Digital Consumer

90% of shoppers, whether shopping online or offline, perform pre-purchasing research online and a large percentage of those do it through their smartphones while they shop.

Consumers today have a myriad of ways to inform themselves, evaluate, compare, buy or engage with brands, not to mention an amplified appetite for personalized experiences. For retailers to succeed, they must leverage advanced digital capabilities to create personalized omnichannel experiences throughout their consumer’s journey. Those who adopt forward-thinking strategies that leverage technologies aimed at making easier, safer, and the more efficient shopping experience will lead their market.

What is Retail Digital Transformation?

Beyond technology, digital transformation in retail focuses on your customers, how you reach them, engage them, and how you deliver the products they need.

Digital transformation can help retails offer their customers:

  1. Channel-agnostic shopping journeys
  2. Seamless and immersive experiences
  3. Benefits of rapid innovations
  4. Anywhere and anytime access to information
  5. Self-service

Reports show that retail businesses which have integrated their self-service technology strategy to digital transformation will easily see at least 35% increase in net profit by 2023 while also seeing a 10% rise in consumer loyalty and a 5% dip in staff turnover.

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Our Offerings

Brand Awareness

  • Predictive analysis of customer’s social media profiles for targeted marketing
  • Micro-segmentation for digital marketing
  • Targeted push notifications to customer’s devices

Pre-purchase Research

  • Digital kiosks in stores to enable product search
  • Virtual shelves
  • Endless Aisles
  • In-store navigation
  • Wearable tech and mobile shopping assistants

Product Selection

  • Virtual mirrors and trial rooms
  • AI-driven recommendations based on preferences and past purchases
  • Online product customizations to see product fit

Pre-purchase Research & Sale

  • Multi-nodal purchase options –mobile POS, digital wallets, click & collect
  • Precision marketing and targeted pricing
  • Self-check out
  • Mobile webrooming

Retention & Loyalty

  • Intelligent analytics-based loyalty programs
  • Auto-discounts for loyal customers
  • Bundling of offerings for loyal customers
  • Subscription and auto-replenishment

Logistics &

  • Digital logistics and supply chain
  • Continuous automated monitoring
  • RFID chips to make supply chain more responsive


  • Automated financial functions using RPA
  • IOT-enabled processes

Vendor Management

  • Custom platforms for collaboration with vendors
  • Blockchain for safer contract management & supplier payments

Assortment-mix & Planning

  • Data-driven algorithms for assortment planning
  • Predictive models & real-time forecasting

People & Org Structure

  • Simplified employee processes through automation
  • Digitally managed KPIs to measure and reward staff
  • Smart systems to manage staff’s shift and checkout processes
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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
Intuitive Shopfloor Management Mobile App for a Toy Manufacturer

The app was built for remote monitoring and controlling plastic molding machines. The need...

  • 45% improvement in Production Planning Efficiency
  • 3x output through optimal Resource Scheduling
  • 65% reduction in unplanned downtimes
  • 100% paperless manufacturing
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Case Study
API-led Connectivity Approach for an Online Medical Device Retailer

Built a CMS-based e-commerce platform with all Cloud, ERP, CRM, and supply chain ecosystem...

  • 2.5x Faster Project Delivery
  • 12+ Dependency Systems Integrated
  • 10% time spent on API Innovation
  • 42% efficiency gains
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Conversational AI in Customer Service: Why Your Business Needs It?

In a world where customers are increasingly expecting near-instant gratification, the trick to keeping the customer happy is to be always available to them and being highly responsive to their online interactions. They help businesses significantly reduce costs and priceless minutes off each interaction.

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Communication Platform as a Service – What is CPaaS?

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) helps developers customize real-time communication solutions such as voice, messaging, and video to the existing applications by offering Application Programming Interfaces and Integrated development environments, eliminating the need for building backend infrastructures or interfaces. Read on to learn more.

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