Data Science

Predict demand for your offerings to improve customer satisfaction and drive business strategies based on data-backed knowledge and foresight.
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We help businesses minimize revenue leakages and drive productivity using advanced data science solutions

In this data age, the volume and value of data are increasing exponentially. The time is ripe to use advanced data modeling and mining techniques that give you the predictive and prescriptive edge over the competition. We can help you adopt this shift by combining algorithm development with big data analytics. Our team of data engineers, big data specialists, and data scientists bring a holistic approach and deliver cutting-edge analytics solutions based on battle-tested data science methods.

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Our Data Science Offerings

Big Data

In data science, 80% of the effort goes into data management while only 20% into actual analysis and model building. We build a big data ecosystem to manage unstructured data at scale, allowing high volume, velocity, and variety. With extensive knowledge of Hadoop, data lakes, real-time ingestion, and stream processing, our big data engineers are well equipped to create and use high-quality datasets for data science exploration.

Data Wrangling

The accuracy of your ML model depends on the quality of your dataset. Converting raw data into the required format and making it ready for mining is essential in Data Science. We determine your dataset, structure schema, address data quality issues, enrich by joining relevant datasets, and validate the wrangled output dataset quality over the intended structure for precise data analysis.

Data Modelling

Extract unknown patterns, predictable insights, and identify relationships from raw datasets. We help you build, train and validate models on the wrangled data to test the hypothesis. Our data scientists with expertise in various data mining algorithms and techniques like classification, clustering, regression, and neural networks help discover knowledge from information systems.

Pre-trained Models

Developing and training ML models is a core and time-consuming activity. Now, AI software start-ups and cloud vendors like AWS, Azure are slashing this effort by launching ready-to-use pre-trained models for key use cases. We can implement these packaged services to produce insights right away for applications like segmentation, predictions, recommendations, and anomaly detection.

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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
Reservation Cancellation Prediction for a Travel Provider

Client facing 20% cancellations every year and wanted to detect the pattern, classify the ...

  • 300K trips’ data used for exploratory analysis
  • 93% accuracy achieved in ML model
  • 75% positive customer response on focussed campaigns
  • 7% reduction in cancellation rates
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Case Study
Energy Cost Optimization for a Polysilicon Manufacturer

Developed a web app for a robust calculation of manufacturing plant data using GAMS (Gener...

  • $500K annual savings on electricity costs
  • 18% improvement in production due to optimized scheduled
  • 5x faster resource and inventory management
  • 97% utilization in peak time power usage
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Decision Intelligence – Unlocking Success in 2021 and Beyond

In a business context, the unpredictability of the outcomes in current decision models in most cases is a result of the failure to capture the “uncertain” factors linked to these models. The introduction of machine learning algorithms into the decision-making processes can eliminate these challenges. Read on to learn more.

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