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The world is on course to have one trillion endpoints and APIs. Let your disparate systems talk with the required ones seamlessly.
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Extend your solutions reach into a larger ecosystem

The world is on course to have one trillion endpoints and APIs. Let your disparate systems talk with the required ones seamlessly.

Today’s always-connected, always-on, always engaged technologies let you envision the possibilities of gluing your digital components together and create an interconnected ecosystem. We help you streamline business systems integration, modernize partner communication and develop new-gen applications that empower customers with more services and options.
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Our ecosystem-focused thinking helps you design APIs to monetize your data and services to create new revenue streams

We can turn your product into APIs and establish a bridge to other vendor’s unique data and capabilities. Our integration engineers will redefine your external partnerships and allow you to leverage the benefits of the ecosystem without the traditional need for customization. Our expertise lets you tap into readily consumable cognitive services like AI, ML, NLP, Computer Vision, and IoT effortlessly.
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Our methodology at a glance

API Methodology of Techigai

Our API Services

API as aProduct

Our integration experts develop API-first products targeted for developers, partners, private or public users to monetize your data sources through custom API development using protocols like HTTP, JSON, XML, SOAP, REST, and GraphQL.

API Management

We implement centralized API life cycle management to design, distribute, control and analyze the APIs that integrate applications and data securely across on-premise and cloud, leveraging platforms like MuleSoft, Apigee, AWS, and Azure.

API Integration

We let your apps interact with third-party APIs to extend their functionality. Our API experts have proven expertise in connecting popular APIs across categories such as payment gateway, logistics, analytics, social, email, SMS, cognitive, and cloud services.

API Testing

We implement API testing best practices using automated tools to assess API layers’ overall functionality, performance, reliability, and security. Our test engineers with knowledge of web services and microservices architecture make scaling effortless.

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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
Data Asset Monetization Using APIs for a Data Discovery Company

Built a web-based data marketplace on top of a Snowflake central data warehouse to consume...

  • 70% reduction in consumable assets
  • Datasets across 20 public and commercial categories
  • 80% reduction in Data Integration Costs
  • One-stop solution for Data Suppliers and Consumers
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Case Study
API-led Connectivity Approach for an Online Medical Device Retailer

Built a CMS-based e-commerce platform with all Cloud, ERP, CRM, and supply chain ecosystem...

  • 2.5x Faster Project Delivery
  • 12+ Dependency Systems Integrated
  • 10% time spent on API Innovation
  • 42% efficiency gains
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API Economy- Why You Should Be A Part of It

Innovators who want to grow and build a sustainable business model are not just relying on what they can produce themselves; but on what they can add to their existing services as well- and that’s where APIs come into picture. An API, or Application Programming Interface, allows one application to access services of another through a package of code that essentially acts as a bridge between digital services. APIs are how one software talks to another.

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