We are always on the lookout for individuals who share our passion for continuous learning and bold innovations born out of empathy. If this speaks to you, then you and Techigai might just be the perfect fit.

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We find our purpose through the impact we make on others: whether it is our customers, our people, or the communities we are a part of.


We believe in shared success and growing together. That’s only possible when our employees are happy with who they’re working with. That’s why we offer unparalleled benefits.

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Our Stories

Here are our thoughts on leadership, growth, success and everything in between.

Our Story: The How, Why and What of Techigai

Techigai is a blend of our passion for technology and a purpose-driven approach to life. Read on to learn more about how Techigai was born, the journey so far, and what it strives to achieve.

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Employee In Focus – Shiva

In this Employee in Focus story, we share an interview with Shiva Nagesh, who discovered through an inspirational self-improvement journey how valuable and important reclaiming his health and fitness was to be able to live his life to the fullest.

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6 Ways to Be a Better Leader in 2022

Most people would do anything to get the role of manager. Be it for the respect that is associated with this tag, a pay raise, or even for the feeling of satisfaction for achieving a career milestone. While the position has its own benefits, it can also be overwhelming and ineffective if not managed properly. What are the skills required to become a good leader? Scroll down to know!

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Lessons From 2021 to Implement in 2022

We are in year two of the "new normal".this and it seems like the perfect time to take a retrospective look at the past couple of years and learn from what we've achieved and what’s hindering our growth. As the famous TikTok goes, if the virus has found ways to improve itself multiple times, you can find the motivation too! Here are a few learnings from 2020 and 2021 that both professionals and organizations can consider implementing in 2022 to amplify their success.

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