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Simplify your data portfolio while leaving the core stack intact, and turn information into accurate, reliable, timely, and relevant business insights.

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Renovate Data into Information and Information into Insight

While most organizations understand analytics’ importance, only a few focus on improving data management, quality, usability, and trustworthiness.

Corporate data environments encompass hundreds of systems that have been developed, purchased, or acquired in disparate conditions. Managing, integrating, and analyzing the data from these sources for decision-making, real-time business insights, and accurate predictions is a common but concerning pain point for most organizations. We can help you overcome this by quickly deploying current data technologies while upgrading your legacy infrastructure and steer you towards market-driven innovations.
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Our Data Management Offerings

Data Governance

Organizations have the opportunity to capture a vast amount of data from diverse internal and external sources. However, establishing a data discipline that can effectively maximize its value, manage risks, and reduce operational costs is a challenge. We can help you define the processes, roles, policies, standards, and metrics to ensure the effective use of data in enabling your organization to achieve its goals.

Data Architecture

As companies grow, legacy data systems cause scalability issues, long query times, and complex transformation processes. We can help you upgrade to a modern data architecture that can supports various types of business users, load and refresh rates (batch, stream), data processing engines (relational, Hadoop, OLAP), pipelines and deployments (on-prem, cloud).

Data Quality

High-quality data  can be quickly processed and interpreted for various business purposes such as decision making, reporting, operational insights and advanced analytics. We improve your data quality by reviewing systems, defining data standards, metadata management principles, validation rules, also enable data monitoring and remediation.

Master Data Management

As business-critical data passes through the complex enterprise, it may get duplicated, misinterpreted, or obscured, leading to compromised performance. We can avoid this by designing an efficient MDM system that aligns with your industry regulatory compliance requirements (HIPAA, GDPR) and ensure real-time synchronization with BI, operational and consumer-facing systems.

Data Integration

Integrating heterogeneous data sources with speed and integrity at scale helps organizations improve productivity. We help you with the unification of systems through optimizing ETL, creating cloud DWH, data lakes and simplifying BI. With the help of big data, cloud, API, containers and serverless technologies, we can let your systems communicate seamlessly.

Data Migration

Modern businesses require moving data carefully from one source to another in the process of up-gradation, cloud adoption, or consolidating data. We can build a migration strategy and help you renovate the entire system, upgrade the database, develop a new data warehouse, move from DWH to data mart, merge new data from an acquisition or the cloud.

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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
Re-architecture, Cloud Migration and Data QA for a Restaurant Chain

Analyzed on-prem data sources, volumes, analytical needs, and designed migration plan with...

  • Moved data from 15 different stores
  • Resilient system with 99.9% uptime
  • 70% Cost Savings on Maintenance & Infrastructure
  • 45% reduction in time for reporting & ML experimentation
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Case Study
Member Data Management and Extraction from Payer Systems

To meet the CMS compliance and data analytics requirements – member, provider, and claim...

  • 72% reduction in Data extraction time
  • 98% data validation accuracy achieved
  • 24 hour support for data warehouse management
  • 20% reduction in manual effort through job automation
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