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Leverage our proficiency in software processes, testing, and digital transformation to help ensure go-to-market readiness and enhanced business agility for your digital releases.
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Quality at speed with Agile, DevOps, and Automation

The need for technological innovation, increasing complexity of business processes, and ever-shorter time-to-market require value-driven and mature QA models with extensive automation.

The need for quality and agility across the enterprise solution landscape is a top priority in this digital world. As customer expectations increase, companies are under pressure to deliver superior quality within ever-shrinking timelines. We sustain your edge and optimize software using lean and agile principles. Our quality assurance experts establish the right balance between human and automated testing to enable robust and outcome-driven testing for business success. Our quality center of excellence lets you explore the possibilities of the next-generation suite of QA tools that augment continuous automated testing and improve your test organization’s efficiency.

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Our QA Capabilities

Test Advisory

Enhance test coverage through assessing processes, skills, tools and technology. We transform your testing practices through a customized roadmap to mitigate the quality gaps.

QA Automation

Perform testing at a higher speed, greater accuracy, and lower costs. Our expertise across various test automation frameworks frees up the time and resources in your QA process.

Functional Testing

Ensure consistent software quality and improve go-to-market. We test the solution functionality, reliability against defined specifications to make it robust and provide a seamless user experience.

Performance Testing

Evaluate the stability, responsiveness and speed of the solution under the realistic workload. We measure the quality attributes of the system and remove performance-related bottlenecks.

DevOps Testing

Automate the software delivery lifecycle and enable continuous testing. We implement the shift-left approach to embed testing earliest with the goal of shortening the long test cycles.

API Testing

Enable reliable data exchange between business systems. We perform API testing on top of your business logic layer and ensure error-free transactions between the user interface and data layer.

Mobile Testing

Validate the functionality, usability, security and consistency of your mobile applications. Our mobile testing services span across a comprehensive set of OS, testing platforms and devices.

Security Testing

Develop a secure application that meets industry compliance and regulatory requirements. We prevent every possible breach that can occur at the system and network level, both client-side and server-side.

Performance Engineering

Deliver consistent production performance that fulfils user expectations. We proactively focus on design, architecture, performance scenarios and apply shift-left practices to build reliable systems.

Data Quality

Reduce data complexity and enable quality insights. We offer ETL, DW, and BI testing services to ensure quality across the data continuum by validating the source to target and production data.
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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
Re-architecture, Cloud Migration and Data QA for a Restaurant Chain

Analyzed on-prem data sources, volumes, analytical needs, and designed migration plan with...

  • Moved data from 15 different stores
  • Resilient system with 99.9% uptime
  • 70% Cost Savings on Maintenance & Infrastructure
  • 45% reduction in time for reporting & ML experimentation
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Case Study
QA Automation for a Retail Software Solution Provider

Developed a test automation framework using Ruby, Appium & RSpec for mobile, and Cucumber ...

  • 90% reduction in downtime
  • 90% reduction in test suite maintenance costs
  • Upto 30-100% automation coverage
  • 70% reduction in test cycles
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Accelerating Software Product Quality In a DevOps Environment

As software development cycles are getting shorter and faster, testing and QA are undergoing massive changes to meet the rapidly changing needs. Lately, the key focus is enhancing customer experience while ensuring high-quality and secured software solutions. So, how should you develop a reliable QA plan in this Agile/DevOps era? Read on.

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5 Reasons Why Shift Left Testing Can Lead to Faster & Better Releases

In a world where the next digital disruption is always around the corner, there is a palpable race to deliver better and more secure products; and those delivering faster and better applications while also minimizing the cost of quality (CoQ) are winning.

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