User Experience

Scale digital transformation programs quickly and effectively, with a design strategy that is centered around the genuine needs of target users.

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Design something unique and intelligent

Good experience integrates creativity and innovation. It turns ideas into practical and attractive propositions for customers.

The tremendous proliferation of apps and products in the current digital environment has compelled businesses to compete for the user’s attention every second. Developing solutions with a user-centric design philosophy that values their needs, perceptions, contexts, and emotions become essential for success. At Techigai, we believe in designing great experiences across the value chain. Our experience services focus on creating engaging and satisfying experiences for your users to ensure they keep coming back. From gaining deep insights into the user’s need to launching prototypes for market validation to going live and ongoing improvements on your product, our UX experts strive to create delightful experiences through all touchpoints.

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Our UX methodology at a glance

Whether it’s a new service, a piece of UI modification, or introduction of an innovative product into the market, we translate your vision into reality.

Our UX Methodology Process

UX Offerings

Creating Customer Experiences That Drive Business Outcomes

UX Research

Understand user needs, market behavior, product features, and business objectives

Corporate Identity

Develop unified UX across all touchpoints considering organization vision, brand persona, target audience, and value proposition

Service design

Create holistic experience by defining the way of interaction between users, information, and products

Information Architecture

Understand user needs, market behaviour, product features, and business objectives

Visual Direction

Get interactive experience into every UI element – icons, images, buttons, typography and color schemes

UI Design

Develop user-friendly, responsive and easy to navigate web and mobile interface


Design each UI element to accomplish a specified task while enhancing the natural product flow and experience

Augmented Reality

Empower users to experience products virtually using mobile apps built on the augmented reality design philosophy

3D & Immersive Experience

Design and integrate 3D graphic elements into web and mobile interfaces to set the futuristic vibe
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