Cloud-Replatforming for Businesses

Transitioning your organization to the cloud requires you to decide what to do with the legacy applications. Migrating to the cloud is a must-do for every organization that wants to thrive in the current market. Key benefits of cloud platforming include scalability, strong computational capacity, flexibility, better server maintenance, and much more.

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What is Cloud Replatforming?

Broadly speaking, there are three paths for cloud migration: rehosting, rearchitecting, and replatforming.

  • Re-hosting is “lifting-and-shifting” an application without making significant adjustments, mostly used for large scale cloud migration saving up to 30% of cost. However, some applications are too complex or not scalable for this.
  • Rearchitecting is discarding legacy applications and developing using PaaS based solutions from the ground up, but this is time-consuming and costly, and companies might not be comfortable switching to the new application.
  • Re-platforming is “lift-tinker-shift”. While the core architecture stays the same, a few optimizations are done to achieve some benefits like migrating to some platform for easier database handling.
Re-platforming is the mid path between re-hosting and rearchitecting. It is the method of transforming an application from a desktop to a cloud-native application at the source code stage. Businesses that need end-to-end cloud support should consider re-platforming their operations.

Why go for Cloud Replatforming?

of companies worldwide are on the cloud
of workloads are going to be in the cloud by end of 2021

Benefits of Cloud Replatforming

Incorporate new cloud functionalities without going through the cost and downtime of a complete overhaul.

A replatform migration is equivalent to transferring software to the cloud, but it does necessitate some application improvements to take advantage of modern cloud technology. During replatforming, there are a few common modifications that are made primarily:

  • Scalable Resources – The inherent feature of scalable server resources is the most valued feature of cloud migration. This is the primary reason why applications need varying amounts of server resources to choose cloud hosting solutions’ scalable solution.
  • Lower TCO – Because of the pay-as-you-go payment model, suitable for businesses who now must pay only for the services their server uses, cloud migration allows corporations to minimize both operating and capital expenditure.
  • Mobility – Since a cloud service can be accessed from anywhere, users benefit from unparalleled access and ease of use. The IP whitelisting function allows users to connect to the server from anywhere in the world, regardless of the platform.
  • Automation – Keeping the backend server APIs updated is a well-known cloud migration problem. The application management team does not have to worry about API and application updates during cloud migration.
  • Flexible Operations – A cloud solution enables businesses to easily deploy and test applications in the cloud. Rather than manually using the app, development teams can use automated deployment options to deploy the apps without worrying about the compatibility of performance issues.
  • Secure Storage Options: Cloud migration is preferred by businesses due to the highly secure storage that is accessible at a low operating cost. Furthermore, scaling can be done as required without disturbing the application’s operations. This is a great feature for companies to store data on a seasoned or periodic basis.

Deciding if your business needs Cloud Replatforming

Does your current system require constant maintenance and bug fixes? Are your clients complaining about poor online service?

Does your current system require constant maintenance and bug fixes? Are your employees apprehensive at the sight of even a minor system update? Are your clients complaining about poor online service? Does it lack essential features like omnichannel support and easy integration of third-party systems? If the answers are in the affirmative for multiple questions of this nature and your current software partner does not have adequate upgrade options, replatforming is probably the best option. The important thing to note here is that these symptoms have to be spread across your organisation, and not just localised. In case of the latter, a less drastic step like redesigning or repurposing of individual subsystems may suffice. But when the concerns are related to the broader systems, a replatforming may well be on the cards. Talk to our experts to explore the best course of action for the unique needs off your business.

The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we’ve redefined cloud computing.

Richard Stallman

Publish: July 19, 2021


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