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Faster and more efficient applications for future-thinking organizations that reduce product lifecycles, drive ROI, and open up new opportunities.

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It’s time for Modern Application Development (MAD)

Your application experience re-imagined through digital innovation, automation, and agile operating models.

Today’s need of the hour is to shorten application development and deployment cycles. With cloud computing, easy-to-use API-based services, SDKs, and low-code environments paving the way, our end-to-end software development services help reduce the time-to-market by as much as 30%. Our engineers with product-thinking DNA maintain an optimal balance between the build and buy to minimize operational overheads while ensuring application reliability, security, and scalability.
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Keep it simple, design for scalability and make it networked

We thrive on reducing the time spent on operational activities, removing the risk of failures, and creating room for experimentation.

Our application development philosophy at its core is driven by an open-source technology stack, cloud-and-mobile-ready infrastructure, automated operations, decoupled data stores, and independent deployment with seamless interaction.
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Our Development Methodology

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Our Application dev Services

Cloud-Native Application

Designing and managing apps in the cloud increases the development agility and result in faster releases. We bring the culture of automation and decentralization to develop custom cloud-native applications. Our engineers have proven expertise in leveraging the latest and best-performing platforms, APIs, and cloud technologies and help organizations rapidly develop modular and elastic applications at scale.

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs provide a native app-like experience to web users. We build apps with progressive as a core tenant that works for every user regardless of browser and device. We help you develop lightweight progressive apps that let your users access them through their home screen without installing them from the app store. The best part – these apps load instantly, no matter the network conditions.

Low Code Development

Low-code Development Environment (LDE) continued evolution in conjunction with SaaS offerings exponentially reduces the delivery lifecycle. We realize that LDE is the ideal solution for simple business cases not requiring complex logic and heavy investments. Our teams let you enjoy the benefits of this rapid application development without compromising quality and security.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have redefined the way customers interact with brands and products. Today, every organization aims to connect with its targeted audience over an intuitive app to increase its revenue and optimize operations. Our enterprise-grade mobile app development services, coupled with user experience, security, data, and device integrations, let you go to market with a working app in a matter of weeks.

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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
Transportation Management Solution for a Logistics Tech Provider

The solution was built using an MVC architecture pattern with SaaS model deployment. Codev...

  • 60K unique platform users
  • 30% Reduction in dynamic forecasting cost
  • 24*7 Real-time supply chain visibility
  • ERP & CRM Systems Seamlessly Integrated
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Case Study
Loyalty Management Solution for a Retail SaaS provider

Built using Microservices pattern and AWS well-architected framework, this self-service an...

  • 670 restaurants implemented
  • 34% increase in conversion rate
  • 5x increase in targeted individuals
  • 3x growth in loyalty members
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Conquering 202x through Modern Application Development

“Modern” applications shake the cobweb off of traditional apps with limited capabilities that work in silos. Modern Apps unhinge themselves from the finiteness of legacy apps and aim to serve businesses beyond their current ambitions. Read on to learn more.

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5 Reasons Why Shift Left Testing Can Lead to Faster & Better Releases

In a world where the next digital disruption is always around the corner, there is a palpable race to deliver better and more secure products; and those delivering faster and better applications while also minimizing the cost of quality (CoQ) are winning.

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