Leverage future-ready digital solutions to drive an automated, agile, more efficient, and mobile health care value chain.

What is Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry?

Technology is the key to remaining relevant in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare market while substantially increasing your bottom line.

The times demand that the healthcare industry is moving towards a convergence of its various segments – payer, providers, pharmas, life sciences, and healthcare tech companies. This means eliminating silos within their own functions and extending seamless collaboration across the healthcare value chain. This is where the power of strategic digital transformation can make unmatched difference. Not only this, leveraging advanced technology tools and solutions can enhance the patient experience, service delivery, create new business models, and make communication more efficient.

Who We Serve


  • FHIR-compliant APIs creation
  • Risk adjustment – EDPS, RAPS, EDGE
  • Facets administrative system management
  • AI-driven, integrated chatbots to increase membership
  • Member, provider, and claims reporting and analytics
  • Value-based payments implementation
  • Predictive analytics for improved marketing conversions



  • Virtual care & monitoring
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Data-backed staff management
  • Smart facilities, asset monitoring & utilization
  • EMR integrations through FHIR APIs
  • Wearables integration through apps
  • Interactive dashboards & reports
  • Automated bots for member insurance validation


Healthcare Tech

  • Risk adjustment analytics
  • FHIR-based EHR integration
  • AI-based claims denial prediction
  • Automation of workflow through bots
  • HIPAA-compliant product development
  • Personal health records management
  • Wearables & IoT solutions
  • Custom applications and platforms
  • Accelerated product engineering


Our Offerings

Access to Real-Time Health Information

Automated Administrative Tasks

Better Revenue Direction

Better Scheduling and Planning

Collaborative Studies and Research

Improved Clinical Conclusions

Improved Patient Management

Seamless Doctor-Patient Coordination

Secure Data Storage & Management

Telemedicine & Virtual Healthcare
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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
API-led Connectivity Approach for an Online Medical Device Retailer

Built a CMS-based e-commerce platform with all Cloud, ERP, CRM, and supply chain ecosystem...

  • 2.5x Faster Project Delivery
  • 12+ Dependency Systems Integrated
  • 10% time spent on API Innovation
  • 42% efficiency gains
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Case Study
Virtual Consultation Mobile Application for Providers

The mobile app was designed utilizing the latest UX frameworks to ensure ease of use. The ...

  • 100K+ unique user interactions can be handled
  • >70% accuracy by AI-based provider matching
  • $47K reduction in cloud infrastructure costs per year
  • 29% reduction in appointment drop rates through automated checks
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Conversational AI in Customer Service: Why Your Business Needs It?

In a world where customers are increasingly expecting near-instant gratification, the trick to keeping the customer happy is to be always available to them and being highly responsive to their online interactions. They help businesses significantly reduce costs and priceless minutes off each interaction.

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Here’s how sentiment analysis can help you drive ROI.

With the recent advancements in deep learning, many algorithms have been developed that can analyze customer conversations effectively. Sentiment analysis is one such text classification tool that tells whether the sentiment behind a text is positive, negative, or neutral. Leveraging this tool, businesses can comprehend the key aspects of their products and services that customers actually care about.

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