Our Story: The Why, How and What of Techigai

In a world where the next digital disruption is always around the corner, there is a palpable race to deliver better and more secure products; and those delivering faster and better applications while also minimizing the cost of quality (CoQ) are winning.

Techigai is a blend of the passion for technology and a purpose-driven approach to life. Read on to learn more about how Techigai was born, the journey so far, and what it strives to achieve. 

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It All started with the Why

The year was 2020, and within a matter of weeks, the way people and businesses operate in the modern world changed irrevocably.

Things would only continue to get worse over the next several months. Several industries, such as transportation, hospitality, and retail, felt the hit immediately, whereas others would slowly start to face the challenges of managing almost all of their workforce virtually while ensuring optimal quality, amongst other things.

Faced with such extraordinary events, people and businesses quickly changed priorities as they grappled to understand, come to terms with, and survive the never-before-experienced trials at them. Every day, there were new and unprecedented challenges that needed to be solved quickly.

Our founders – proven technology leaders with decades of extensive experience behind them – got together to find a way to contribute to the solutions. How could they bring their technology expertise and help businesses, crumbling under the challenges of the time, become agile and resilient?

The idea of Techigai (technology + ikigai) took shape.

We had found our purpose: to help businesses build resilience through technology solutions that would help them thrive, gain future-ready competitive-edge, and scale.

How Did It Go?

We knew it wasn’t going to be a cakewalk. We didn’t know how enriching the journey would be.

Time was of the essence and we needed to act quickly. We enlisted (virtually, of course) a small crew of like-minded and equally passionate technology professionals, and got to work. Our mission: to offer purpose-driven technology solutions to help growth-oriented businesses across industries lead their markets. 

Today, after months of operating in the crisis-mode, we have grown from a few member team to an end-to-end IT consulting and services firm with over 150 employees and growing.

All of this has been possible because we could deliver unprecedented value to our customers in unprecedented times. We only wish to grow stronger together. Together with our customers; together with our employees.



What Next?

Continue to deliver technology-driven value backed by integrity and mutual respect towards our customers, partners, and employees.

It is a well-acknowledged fact that today almost no business can succeed and grow with our leveraging digital technologies. In the last several years, digital transformation and tech-orientation have been on the agenda for numerous organizations. However, in most cases, they have not been able to unravel the full potential of their investment or elevate their value, even after the transformation. This happens, in most cases, because of thinking of technology solutions as isolated enhancements or enablement. 

At Techigai, we take a holistic look at the organization’s technology needs, and offer the best fit solutions. For our customers this often translates to new avenues for growth, and for our employees it opens up immense opportunities to learn, explore and innovate with the latest in technology. 

Here’s to growing together! 


Be led by your curiosity, and keep busy by doing things that fill you with meaning and happiness.

-Hector Garcia Puigcerver

Publish: July 22, 2021


Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

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Vendor Experience Portal for a Branding & Promotional Company

A global leader in Branding and Promotional Product industry envisioned an application to have 360 degree view of vendors. The portal built is aimed to manage, maintain, enrich, and enhance the experience of Vendor Relations.

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Case Study
Intuitive Shopfloor Management Mobile App for a Toy Manufacturer

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  • 45% improvement in Production Planning Efficiency
  • 3x output through optimal Resource Scheduling
  • 65% reduction in unplanned downtimes
  • 100% paperless manufacturing
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Invoice Process Automation for a Logistics Management Company

The client wanted to automate invoice collection, read data, reconcile and approve for pay...

  • 3000+ invoices handled by bots per month
  • Reduced FTE for exception handling from 5 to 1
  • Unattended bots operate 24*7*365
  • Invoice processing time reduced from 6 mins to 30 secs
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  • 80% efforts reduced in data annotation & labeling
  • 65% time saved in ML Modelling
  • 54% lower total cost of ownership
  • One-click deployment to the cloud
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