Adapt to the new normal of e-learning and teaching by creating a digital ecosystem that facilitates superior experiences and outcomes for each stakeholder in your educational enterprise.

Enabling an Efficient Digital Learning Ecosystem

With over 1.5 billion students worldwide forced away from their physical classrooms since early 2020, the global education industry was compelled to accelerate its digital transformation efforts.

Digital transformation, which was considered as an ‘important’ or, at best, the probable way forward in the education industry just a couple of years ago, has now become essential. Educational institutions the world over are investing heavily in digital transformation to help students, educators, and administrators tap into the potential of adaptive learning that a technology-driven approach to education can foster.

Digital Transformation Can Help You

From perfection to uniqueness

Facilitate remote learning at scale

Elevate the learning experience your organization can offer with robust online learning platforms that support personalized and immersive learning.

Ensure high availability of resources

Promote always-on learning through high availability of learning resources through cloud computing for infrastructure, data, and applications across your value chain.

Establish future-ready business processes

Better manage operations by streamlining and automating key workflows for operations, enrollment, administration, accounting, payroll, etc.

Build resilient IT Infrastructure

Safeguard your digital assets through a holistic information security and cybersecurity approach with automated detection of unauthorized intrusions and security breaches.

Improve learning outcomes with data analytics

Recognize and fill gaps in teaching and operational models through intelligent analysis of data from disparate sources.

Our Offerings


  • AR/VR driven virtual classrooms/campuses
  • Smart & Collaborative Learning Spaces
  • AI-powered virtual educators
  • Gamification


  • Chatbot/Conversational AI-assisted learning
  • Automation for quick enrollment and onboarding
  • Digital identity for different categories of users


  • AI-based safety and risk monitoring
  • Automated compliance checks
  • Robotic Process automation for contract and vendor management
  • Intelligent security, monitoring, and alerting systems


  • Redefine Learning Spaces
  • Measuring Learning
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Cloud Computing


  • Adaptive learning technologies
  • Predictive analytics
  • Personalized learning models
  • Automated and self-service assessments
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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for an EdTech firm

Replaced manual data integration with automated Talend-based integration. Selected Redshif...

  • 90% Data Integration Analyst Tasks Automated
  • Only 10% Data Integration Analyst Tasks Automated
  • 120+ Reports and Dashboards developed
  • 55% reduction in Integration and Analysis time
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Conversational AI in Customer Service: Why Your Business Needs It?

In a world where customers are increasingly expecting near-instant gratification, the trick to keeping the customer happy is to be always available to them and being highly responsive to their online interactions. They help businesses significantly reduce costs and priceless minutes off each interaction.

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Trending and Obsolete Digital Technologies in 2022

Software and IT is a continuously evolving industry. What seemed like a huge idea in the 2000s might be obsolete today. Every year several technologies are coming into the market which is leading to the death of some technologies. This article throws light on the everchanging tech industry - the technologies that are dying and technologies that are booming. Read on to learn more.

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Extending Possibilities with Mobile Augmented Reality

With the ever-improving display quality of mobiles and tablets businesses across industries are rushing to unlock AR’s potential lying through Mobile Augmented Reality Applications before their competitors. Read on to learn more.

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