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Leverage our expert BI services covering the entire data analytics lifecycle to upgrade your organization’s data maturity towards data-driven decision-making.
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Turn data into opportunity by discovering patterns and trends

Only 30% of the available data has been collected and analyzed. Let’s unravel the potential of untapped data by redefining your BI patterns.

Business Intelligence is not only about visualization, reports, and dashboards but also about enabling organizations to explore new business possibilities by discovering new data collection methods, patterns, and relationships. Many organizations lack a concrete BI vision and struggle to make the right choice of tools and technologies. We help you define the optimal BI solution by analyzing your organization’s data maturity and applying modern cloud stack, SaaS platforms, and packaged services. Our data specialists remove your redundant investment in multiple disconnected BI initiatives and establish a unified future-proof framework.

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Our Business Intelligence Offerings

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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
Member Management Through 360-view for Employer Health Plan

Utilizing Tableau and Power BI, we processed huge amounts of data from disparate healthcar...

  • Real-time data reporting from 10+ sources
  • 20% reduction in user effort to search member data
  • 25+ reports on members with all KPIs
  • 30% reduction in member data misrepresentation
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Case Study
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for an EdTech firm

Replaced manual data integration with automated Talend-based integration. Selected Redshif...

  • 90% Data Integration Analyst Tasks Automated
  • Only 10% Data Integration Analyst Tasks Automated
  • 120+ Reports and Dashboards developed
  • 55% reduction in Integration and Analysis time
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Deciphering The Technology Behind Cryptocurrencies

While we might have over-hyped the impact of cryptocurrencies for a while, we believe that the technology behind these currencies has been under-hyped. Blockchain is that technology which will run the future. By 2025, it is expected that tech-savvy business will spend $20 billion a year on blockchain technical services. As it holds such whopping importance, we bring this blog to you where you can understand the connect between cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

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Decision Intelligence – Unlocking Success in 2021 and Beyond

In a business context, the unpredictability of the outcomes in current decision models in most cases is a result of the failure to capture the “uncertain” factors linked to these models. The introduction of machine learning algorithms into the decision-making processes can eliminate these challenges. Read on to learn more.

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