Automation (RPA & IPA)

Combining business rule-decision and workflow automation with new digital innovations can alleviate rising demands on your internal teams.
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Mimic human interactions with digital systems

Automate day-to-day manual business processes, which are repetitive, error-prone, and involve time-critical data movement across systems.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a no-risk non-invasive technology that can be overlaid on your existing digital environment to automate business processes with high accuracy at a low cost. RPA helps organizations save up to 35% of operational expenses and perform tasks at X3- 30 operational speed with zero errors. We help you adopt RPA to automate attended and unattended business processes and maintain a centralized automation audit trail for compliance and improvement. If you are ready to make the jump beyond RPA, our team with deep experience in AI and NLP can also help you implement Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) bots that can see, think and learn.
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Our Automation Implementation Methodology

Our automation implementation methodology - Techigai

Our Automation Offerings

Desktop Automation

Perform rule-based desktop UI automation across spreadsheets, word documents, PDFs, emails, attachments, data and analytical tools, and productivity apps.

Enterprise Automation

Implement back-office workflow automation across enterprise systems, ERPs, CRMs, intranet portals, cloud APIs, enabling them to work autonomously together.

Intelligent Automation

Execute intelligent automation, making bots take optimal decisions and adjustments using computer vision, OCR, NLP, and reinforce machine learning capabilities.

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Applications of automation across industries

Sales and Marketing

  • Competitive Pricing and Monitoring
  • Data Aggregation and Management
  • CRM Updates
  • Sales Quote Management
  • Invoice Creation and Distribution
  • Social Media Monitoring

Customer Onboarding

  • New Customer Application
  • Customer due Diligence
  • Customer Data Management
  • Online Registration
  • Upsell Opportunity Reporting
  • New Customer Welcome Packets
  • Customer Communication

Customer Service

  • Loading Detailed Customer Info for CSR Support
  • Service Request and Scheduling
  • Scheduled and Triggered Customer Communications
  • Transaction Automation
  • Renewal Notices
  • Customer Info and Preferences Updates

Operations / Compliance

  • Screening and Risk Management
  • IP and Fraud Detection
  • Compliance and Reporting
  • Policy Administration and Servicing
  • Credential Verification
  • Periodic Disclosures

Finance and Accounting

  • Vendor Onboarding and Maintenance
  • Vendor Portal Queries
  • Frauds Transfer
  • Incentive Claims
  • Sales and Purchase Order Processing
  • Collections
  • Report Aggregation

Human Resources

  • Employment History Verification
  • Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Payroll
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Training and Education
  • Employee Data Management
  • Tax Management

Information Technology

  • Installations
  • Service and Application Monitoring
  • File and Document Management
  • FTP Download, Upload and Backup
  • User Setup and Configuration
  • Synchronizing, Deleting and Emptying File Folders

Supply Chain

  • Supply and Demand Planning
  • Supplier Portal Integrations
  • Work Order Management
  • Order Processing
  • Scheduling and Tracking
  • Invoice, Quote and Contract Management
  • Refunds and Returns


  • Data Entry
  • Data Extraction, Aggregation, Integration Websites, Portals ,Documents ,Systems
  • Report Compilation and Distribution
  • Forms Processing
  • Process Monitoring
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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
Invoice Process Automation for a Logistics Management Company

The client wanted to automate invoice collection, read data, reconcile and approve for pay...

  • 3000+ invoices handled by bots per month
  • Reduced FTE for exception handling from 5 to 1
  • Unattended bots operate 24*7*365
  • Invoice processing time reduced from 6 mins to 30 secs
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Case Study
AWS Sagemaker based Computer Vision Solution for a Manufacturer

Client is required to submit the old physical devices for the new inventory fulfillment re...

  • 80% efforts reduced in data annotation & labeling
  • 65% time saved in ML Modelling
  • 54% lower total cost of ownership
  • One-click deployment to the cloud
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Logistics Industry Trends 2022: Exploring The Possible Future

Like most of the other industries, logistics is currently confronting a whopping change, with new customer expectations, business models and numerous start-ups cropping up everywhere. There a zillion ways the industry could combat these challenges and pave way for the visible next. Let’s explore all those by looking at the logistics industry trends for 2022 and further.

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