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Set up and expand your foundation for future-ready innovations with a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services that can drive your cloud-based transformation strategy.

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Achieve speed, flexibility, and agility through cloud

Multi and hybrid cloud landing zones, use case-based consumable solutions, automated orchestration, and cost control frameworks reached their full potential making cloud adoption more successful.

Organizations no longer need to plan for IT infrastructure in advance. Instead, they can instantly spin up hundreds of servers with required configurations in minutes with a pay-as-you-go model. However, with many leading players in the market, organizations are unaware of how to select the right service provider and solution for their cloud journey. As a technology partner to AWS and Azure, we help you achieve agility, scalability, and tangible cost benefits through a systematic assessment and adoption approach. Our cloud engineers let you enjoy the benefits of the cloud’s consumable production-ready solution portfolio in Networking, Security, Data, and Artificial Intelligence.
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Cloud services

Cloud Assessment

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We initiate your cloud adoption journey by discovering infrastructure and network parameters at virtualization, workload, storage, and application levels considering factors like business value, technology readiness, and operational risk. Our engineers analyze the captured metrics and prepare a transformation, governance, and cost optimization roadmap to kick start cloud implementation.


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Rapid innovation is vital for modern organizations. New age API-based cloud solutions, consumable AI components, serverless technologies, self-monitoring mechanism, and automated orchestration accelerates the delivery pace. We can integrate cutting-edge production-ready portfolio services given below into your solution to rapidly convert new ideas and solution possibilities into reality.
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Cloud Migration

Moving everything to the cloud might not make business or technical sense. However, we strongly believe that several assets within an enterprise should be in Cloud to bring scalability and reliability. Whether it is a typical three-tier application, nightly batch processes, or complex backend processing workflow, we follow the incremental migration approach given below and move your ecosystem at no risk.
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Multi-cloud environments, decentralized architectures, numerous servers, and security compliance requirements make cloud management a tedious task. Our CloudOps services free you from operational overhead and help you maintain economic discipline. We establish the cloud operating processes and perform the below services to provide intelligent and automated cloud management.
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Here are our thoughts on the latest in technology, and some compelling stories of our shared success.

Case Study
Social Discovery Dating Application for a Tech Startup

The solution contains a website, iOS & Android apps, and a browser-based central administr...

  • 10Mn matches facilitated
  • 2x increase in Release Velocity
  • 24*7 Application Monitoring
  • 90% reduction in ongoing costs
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Case Study
Enabled Cloud-To-Cloud Migration for a Healthcare Provider

The solution was built using our cloud assessment and migration framework and had differen...

  • 25+ Applications Migrated
  • 30% Reduction in Cloud Infrastructure costs
  • Seamless AWS to Azure Migration
  • 24*7 Real-time monitoring
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Cloud-Replatforming for Businesses

Migrating to cloud is a must-do for every organization these days for the variety of benefits it brings such as scalability, strong computational capacity, flexibility, better server maintenance, and much more. Read on to learn more.

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Conquering 202x through Modern Application Development

“Modern” applications shake the cobweb off of traditional apps with limited capabilities that work in silos. Modern Apps unhinge themselves from the finiteness of legacy apps and aim to serve businesses beyond their current ambitions. Read on to learn more.

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