Lessons From 2021 to Implement in 2022

We are in year two of the “new normal” and it seems like the perfect time to take a retrospective look at the past couple of years and learn from what we’ve achieved and what’s hindering our growth. As the famous TikTok goes, if the virus has found ways to improve itself multiple times, you can find the motivation too!. Here are a few learnings from 2020 and 2021 that both professionals and organizations can consider implementing in 2022 to amplify their success.

Growth Mindset

– By Gayatri Yellayi 


The enormous upheavals of 2020 and 2021 have put forth uncertainty among individuals as the entire globe has been severely hit by the COVID-19 storm.
When we precisely look at the workplace culture, everything has become different, to say the least. In a span of 2 years, we saw the business world turn upside down and the sad reality is the word “consistent” won’t fit into the workplace or businesses anymore. However, with challenges come innovation, with every low moment, a high moment awaits. So, instead of dwelling on the past hardships, we thought it’d be wise to learn from them to make 2022 more fulfilling and meaningful.

1.Reassess Your Learning Priorities

At the peak of the pandemic, according to the US Labor department, 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs.

The reason for their abandonment is not for more leisure time but to become better. They wanted to grow professionally by re-evaluating their learning priorities.
In the meantime, several organizations have recognized the importance of upskilling their employees to provide them with better resources, helping them succeed in their careers. So, in 2022, turn your prime focus towards upskilling and learning to make yourself competitive in the job world.

2.Address Gender Inequality

As per a report, 1 in 4 women have considered downshifting their careers or even leaving their jobs, due to shortage in transportation, lack of internet utilities, declining work -life balance, and so on.

With all the flexibility that the pandemic has set forward with remote work, it has also set stage for more inequalities. Women worldwide have been majorly affected by the social fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are rising fears that women who can resume their careers may fall behind their male counterparts who consistently work from the office, due proximity biases, which are worsening the gender gap. It’s high time organizations addressed these often-un-noticed gender gaps by coming up with an action plan. Surfacing these inequalities is the first step to bring about change especially during these conditions where the world is still changing.

Ways to improve gender equality:

  • Using networking, mentoring, and tutoring as powerful tools, help women build confidence to pursue their career of choice.
  • If you run an organization, aim for 50-50 gender in all the teams.
  • Offer support to women professionals in terms of childcare or extended leave policies.

3.Train Your leaders

In the wake of unpredictability and adapting into the new work life, organizations must strive to integrate the workforce to reach new heights faster.

In this global crisis where families are at stake and stress has become a new constant, as a team leader or manager of your organization, let your co-workers know that you are putting their lives ahead of work/deadlines.
Convince your clients that their deliverables may be delayed by a few weeks to ensure your co-workers are stress-free.
As a leader, you must also cultivate confidence and hope in your employees. In a way, you are saying to them that everything will turn out well and you are confident that they will reach their goals.

4.Make Work-Life Balance a Priority

Though some employees have reported better work life balance last year with the remote working scenarios, the tables have turned lately.

Without daily commutes and almost no doors to walk out of to take breaks, many employees are finding it difficult to strike a balance between personal and professional lives. Sending emails, answering calls have no time frame. As a result, overtime working has become rampant, mainly among middle-aged men and women.
Though some companies are trying to address these issues by urging employees to step away from their phones and laptops after their designated work hours, there’s still more to do in this area.

Ways to balance your personal and professional life:

  • Structure your working day by taking scheduled breaks.
  • Dedicate some time in a day to pursue your passion.
  • Prioritize your mental health.

The Foreseeable Future 

Finding stability in life can seem a wild goose chase as of now with the changing circumstances as the new COVID-19 variants emerge.

Starting 2022, if the world starts to see an iota of stability, the already-in-rage policies like hybrid work and other policies are here to stick with us.
To survive and thrive in these situations, organizations must shift their way to reinvention to ensure a successful talent pipeline.

“ You only struggle because you’re ready to grow but aren’t willing to let go.”

– Drew Gerald

Publish: February 16, 2022


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