Vendor Experience Portal for a Branding & Promotional Company

A global leader in Branding and Promotional Product industry envisioned an application to have 360 degree view of vendors. The portal built is aimed to manage, maintain, enrich, and enhance the experience of Vendor Relations.

Ux Research

Service Design

Digital Transformation

Supply Chain MAnagement

design brief

Designing Vendor Experience Portal for Global leader in Brand Marketing and Promotional merchandise industry

Taking into consideration of the most optimized manual process in managing vendor experience, clients needed a solution developed just for their needs. The solution that is built addresses and supports day-in and day-out tasks of Vendor Management teams. Starting with the activities of onboarding new vendors, managing their information, engaging them in merchandising catalog communications, and financial transactional details – the portal is equipped to be used with ease by all of the stakeholders. While adhering to the compliances in onboarding new vendors, tracking service/merchandise catalog communications, and financial details needs a single yet consistent source of information.
Our design teams got to the task of formulating an efficient, robust, and engaging portal to enrich the vendor experience.


Understanding uSER NEEDS & DIAGNOSIS

Research, Stakeholder Interviews & Problem Statement

The research phase involved understanding User Demographics, User workflows, strategizing needs, formulating alternatives. While doing all this, the design teams focussed on identifying edge case scenarios, listing gray areas, and correcting process flaws was given due emphasis.

Stakeholder Interviews
The Design teams facilitated discussions with business users and client’s tech teams to understand and analyze the perspectives, expectations and needs from the solution. Having these helped us in formulating a definitive strategy to help design the User Experience of the portal. Keeping up with the business users’ busy schedules, design teams made sure the communication kept rolling with minimal input and prototype approvals. This helped in standardizing inputs and making sure all stakeholders are placed at the same point of view.

Agile in Mind and Action
With the rapidly changing landscape of businesses around the world, the client had overhauled branding and business principles. The design teams made sure the work and re-work scenarios facilitated these seamlessly.

Improve Product Quality - Techigai

Implement a systematised experience for Client and their supplier teams in handling relationship activities through digitised processes of ease.

Design Guidelines

Colors, Typography & Iconography



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“Design adds value faster than it adds costs”

-Joel Spolsky

Enterprise software is everywhere, often in places we might not realize, making the need of a Positive User Experience quintessential to happy workplaces and productive days.

Let’s create something incredible together!